We are proud to show you our gorgeous collection on our new site. Styles are being added daily so please enjoy browsing and checking back on our exciting and expanding  new site.

Our specialist range of wedding Converse caters for Brides and Bridesmaids. Our personalised wedding  Converse are also very popular. Any of our shoes can be personalised - Just ask. We will  shortly be catering for Grooms. We can't leave them out!

Within our Bridal range we are expanding styles of wedding Adidas, Wedding Nike and Wedding Vans. 

We are also launching a range of our own exclusive designs on more traditional shoes. Perfect for Brides and Bridesmaids, Proms and evening occasions. 

Our other ranges include custom crystal Communion Converse,  custom crystal baby Converse, crystal Baby Nike, and our own range of baby and Christening shoes.  Girls Custom Converse are particularly adorable worn by toddlers and infants. 

Not forgetting the older girls and ladies who love to show their style and and individuality with a bit of Bling we also offer Junior and ladies styles, from just a toe embellishment to a fully covered Crystal pair of shoes.

We are always available to advise on style and design. If you have particular ideas or requirements  for your chosen shoes we love creating them for you!